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Most senior citizens have some concerns as they adjust from their working lives into retirement. Even seniors who have been retired for years might still have these worries. It might help to know that the concerns that you or an elderly person in your family have are shared by many others. To help, this article discusses the most common concerns that senior citizens have. They are centered around retirement savings, health care, and avoiding scams.

Top Concerns of Today’s Seniors


According to national polls, these are top three concerns shared by many elderly people and their families:


  • Retirement savings: The good news is that senior citizens are living longer. However, the bad news is that many older people worry that they will outlive their retirement savings.
  • Quality healthcare: As retired people worry about their savings, they also need to be concerned with the rising cost of quality medical care. This isn’t just a concern about doctors and hospitals, but it is also generated by the cost of assisted living or nursing care that might be required in the future.
  • Scams: Increasingly, seniors have become the victims of all sorts of phone and Internet scams. Lately, there have even been some major Medicare scams in the news. As scammers get more sophisticated, it gets tougher for older people to protect themselves.


This article on “The Top Three Retiree Worries” addresses the concerns that seniors have about their savings, health care, and avoiding scams. It also has some concrete suggestions to help elderly people and their families protect themselves and enjoy peace of mind.


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