Most people can expect to get typical medical services covered by traditional Medicare, also called Part A and B. Of course, traditional Medicare doesn’t cover everything, and it doesn’t cover most services at 100 percent. That’s why people consider enhancing their coverage with Medicare supplements, Medicare Advantage, and other public and private plans. In addition to having questions about exactly what Medicare does cover, you might also wonder what Medicare does not cover.


What Medicare Doesn’t Cover?


Of course, Part A and B also include copays, coinsurance, and deductibles that beneficiaries have to consider. Besides these, a number of things that Medicare won’t cover are listed on the official Medicare site. These include acupuncture, routine dental, vision, and hearing care, and routine foot care. In almost all cases, Medicare only works inside of the United States and rarely covers foreign services.


With that said, you may have additional Medicare health insurance that does cover these medical services. For example, many Medicare Advantage plans also include some coverage for routine visits to the dentist, eye doctor, or hearing specialist. Some supplements also cover emergency healthcare overseas. You can use this Medicare coverage search page to learn more about any medical care of concern to you. Another good option is to call your insurance agent or company to ask for information.


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