The vast majority of retirees in the U.S. qualify for Medicare because either they or a spouse have enough work credits. This means that these qualified individuals pay no premium for Part A and a modest premium for Part B. However, some people don’t qualify, and this is usually because they immigrated to the United States as elderly people and lack work credits. The question arises if there are any alternatives for these people to get health benefits.

Alternatives for Those Without Free Medicare Part A

For people who don’t qualify for free or cheaper Medicare premiums, payments were over $400 a month in 2015. This is actually a great benefit that most U.S. seniors enjoy for free. However, people may still qualify for Medicare Part A with a premium.

Also, there are several types of Medicare Savings programs that may help people with their bills even if they do not qualify for free or discounted premiums because of work credits. Everybody’s situation is slightly different, but this page on Medicare Savings Programs may be a good place to begin looking for help. Of course, these programs are mostly for people with low incomes or who are disabled. The Partnership for Prescription Assistance, at, is also another good resource.


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