What’s new to Medicare in 2015? – Medicare Gals

Have you recently turned 65 or will be turning 65 this year? Or perhaps you meet the other criteria necessary to be Medicare-eligible? With the start of 2015 comes premium changes, and some new benefits for those enrolling in a Medicare plan.

Medicare beneficiaries will not see an increase in Part B premiums, and there’s been a reduction for the Part A premium. However, the Part A deductible has increased from last year’s $1216 to $1260 this year.

For a further breakdown of costs in 2015, visit Medicare.gov.

Did you know? Medicare preventative care services with no co-pays:

  • Flu and Hepatitis B vaccinations
  • Cancer screenings, including breast, colorectal and prostate
  • Diabetes and depression screenings and counseling
  • Screenings for cardiovascular disease
  • Alcohol and smoking cessation counseling

Medicare beneficiaries should also take advantage of a “Welcome to Medicare” visit with their doctor, this appointment is free within the first 12 months of being enrolled in Part B. Then, be sure to do your annual wellness exam.

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