The truth is that Medicare fraud costs everybody money. If Medicare has to pay out more money because of fraud, the increases costs eventually get passed on to taxpayers and those who pay Medicare premiums. What’s scary is that it’s not average Medicare recipients knowingly or accidentally committing fraud. The people who commit the biggest acts of fraud are business people and professionals who really should know better.


The Latest Medicare Fraud Case

As reported upon by the Atlantic, over 200 people were arrested recently in what has been called the “biggest healthcare fraud case in the history of the United States.” These individuals were charged with bilking Medicare out of over $700 million dollars. These weren’t some ordinary Medicare beneficiaries but doctors, nurses, the owners of pharmacies and other medical professionals, most of them who are probably not qualified to receive Medicare benefits.

It’s not just the theft of money that’s disturbing. In one case, a doctor in Michigan prescribed addictive and unnecessary narcotics to Medicare patients. The addicted patients were bound to this scheme in order to keep receiving these unnecessary drugs. These patients were additional victims of fraud, besides all of the taxpayers and contributors to the system that lost money.

If you suspect that something isn’t right with the way your service providers are using your benefits, you should contact Medicare as soon as possible. Not only are you helping to preserve the system, you are acting to help preserve your own health.